Despite a strong work ethic, many rural farmers in Vietnam struggle to grow enough 

food to feed their families. AOG World Relief simply comes alongside local farmers – who already have the skills and know-how to grow crops – and help ll the gaps that might be preventing them from realising their goals.

In the case of a community in the Dai Tan district of Quang Nam, AOG World Relief worked with the local farmers’ union to support farmers to grow new crops. ACCI eldworker Deb Hilton explains, “The community’s plan was to select 20 farmers who had school aged children, had land and who personally wanted to look at ways to change their own economic situation.”

The farmers came together and determined what they believed would work for them
to increase their personal family income.
In the case of this community, it was fruit trees. Based on their decision, the local farmers’ union then worked with the farmers to give the necessary guidance, advice and further training to ensure the success of their additional agricultural endeavours.

And the results?

“My family situation is be er now,” one of the farmers involved in this program says. “Now that the seedlings I have received from AOG World Relief have grown, I now earn 150,000 VND ($9 AUD) per season on each tree ... my family income is higher and our quality of living has also increased. Since we joined the program, our family environment has become more enjoyable. We have also learned many new skills that we didn’t have before.”